Authentic Chinese Street Food

Da Bao Delight

About Us

Simple does not mean boring.

We are a team of food lovers who decided to bring authentic Chinese dim sum to the streets in our food truck. Inspired by traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, we want to bring simple tasty dim sum back on the map.

Simplest dishes are the hardest to master but we believe we finally have done that with our limited but great selection of traditional dim sum.

Nom Nom List

160 kcal

Prawn Dumplings

Crystal steamed dumplings filled with fresh shrimps


192 kcal

Siu Mai

Steamed dumplings stuffed with pork and fresh shrimp


525 kcal

Char Siu Bao

Soft steamed buns with barbecue pork stuffing mixed with a sauce


292 kcal

Chicken Feet

Lots of chillies, spring onions and a special broth, just how it is.


260 kcal

Sausage Buns

Traditional smoked Chinese sausage wrapped with steam buns


185 kcal

Grandma's Soup

Chinese mushrooms, vegetable dumplings in miso soup


265 kcal

Street Noodles

Thick noodles deep fried with soya sauce, bak choy and oyster mushrooms


605 kcal

Meat Feast

Cha Siu with soya glazed grilled chicken and vegetables over rice


104 kcal

Yummy Congee

Simple, hot congee with dried shallots and spring onions